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Electrician is the first person you should call if you have electrical issues. Sometimes there are warning signs that you may be in need of an electrician. These include a sizzling noise when you turn the lights on or off and parts of the electrical system that feel warm to the touch. In addition, flickering lights may be a sign of a loose wiring connection, and if a circuit breaker that trips often, it’s a sign that something is getting overloaded.

But faults in the wiring do not always have obvious results at first. Overheating at a weak point can worsen and lead to an electrical fire before you realize anything is wrong. The most common cause of electrical fires is defective electrical outlets and old appliances, so the best way you can stop electrical fires before they start is to schedule regular inspections of your home’s electrical system by a professional electrician.

How electricians should act and what to look for in one

Look for an electrician with high ratings from the BBB and other agencies, whose company has been in business for several years and has a good reputation. Try to find a local electrician with a good reputation in the community and a lot of repeat business. This will weed out those you don’t want to do business with. Make sure your electrician offers 24-hour emergency service — you never know when you might need help.

It’s a good sign when an electrician maintains standards of professional conduct on the job. The electrician should show up on time, and if he or she is unable to, he or she should call ahead before the arrival time and explain why. The electrician should have all the tools necessary to do whatever job this is. Again, this is not always possible (especially in emergency cases) and it may be necessary for the electrician to go back to the shop for something, but the electrician should not have to do this more than once.

The electrician should look reasonably professional and be willing to answer your questions openly and pleasantly. Most importantly, he or she should make certain that the problem has been taken care of completely before declaring the job done.

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Pyramid Electric Service are electrical contractors licensed in North and South Carolina and serving the greater Charlotte area, including Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Marvin, Weddington, Matthews and Waxhaw. We offer proactive and regular checkups for your home’s electrical system, along with 24-hour emergency service. rated us one of the top 25 electrical contractors in the Charlotte area. Call the electricians you can trust. We have been serving York, Lancaster, Mecklenburg and Union Counties since 1963.