Commercial lighting designCommercial lighting design for a new business

Commercial lighting should be done correctly. If you are setting up a new business in an old building somewhere in the Charlotte area, such as Rock Hill or Marvin, be sure to hire a commercial lighting design expert. If the interior of the building happens to be a masterwork of beauty and grace, you will want to leave it the way it is, but this is not usually the case with small businesses. In most cases, even the people who knew the old establishment will be expecting you to make this one your own.

As General Patton said of the military, it is better to tell your commercial lighting design experts what you are trying to accomplish and let them use their imagination, rather than trying to tell them how to do things. Talk with them beforehand about what you want the business in general to look like, the lighting effect you want and what sort of design you are interested in.

Help with the practical aspects of commercial lighting

In addition to getting the look right, an electrician who is also a commercial lighting design expert can help you with the more practical aspects of lighting your business, especially those that involve saving you money. It helps to know exactly what your customers and employees are going to need. A common problem in many Fort Mill, SC business is the overuse of light, simply because of the assumption that more light is better.A study in 2012 found that overuse of lighting is so common in the business world that task tuning (also called institutional tuning or high-end trim) can help a business save 35 percent of their energy use without the employees or customers suffering from inadequate light.

If you want to get off to a good start, you should begin by investing in LED bulbs. They may be more expensive than regular bulbs, but they last so much longer that they are going to save you money even before you take the lower electric bills into account. You can also plan your lighting ahead of time to make it compatible with them.

Commercial lighting design and installation contractors and electricians in Fort Mill, SC

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