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Commercial lighting is important to all types of businesses. When trying to light a movie theater, start with the auditorium itself. It is best to give the audience exactly what they expect — recessed lighting on the ceiling that can be brightened, dimmed or turned off as needed. The light from LED bulbs do not change hue as you lower its intensity, which may be a little distracting to your audience. Recently, however, bulbs have been developed which do become warmer when dimmed, in the same way that old-fashioned incandescent bulbs would.Commercial lighting experts can help you find these bulbs. Miniature lights at the base of the seats and along the aisles, aimed at the floor, will help your audience find their way out if they need to go to the bathroom during the show.

The next area you need to think about is the common area — the lobby, concession area, the area between the lobby and the theaters, the restrooms and the way to and from the restrooms and exits. A lot of movie theater lobbies have bulbs in places that are very high or hard to get at. This is yet another advantage of LED bulbs — they last much longer, so they need to be changed less often.In the lobby and corridors, the light should be brighter than the auditorium areas, but not as bright as the outside — this will help the eyes of theatergoers adjust painlessly when they are leaving matinees. The brightest light should be reserved for the bathrooms and food preparation areas, where it is needed for practical purposes.

Then there is lighting for the outside. For the most part, your lighting should be that of any other business, except for being more extensive, since so many of your customers will be showing up after dark. Your marquees and poster cases will need their own specialized lighting, which an electrician and commercial lighting expert can help you design and replace as needed. Choose your LED bulbs carefully to make sure they have just the right color of light, and make sure your poster lights have good color resolution.

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