Commercial lighting experts can help you save money

Commercial lightingAsk a commercial lighting contractor about saving money by installing LED lighting. Replacing regular bulbs with LED bulbs seems simple, but a fully enclosed light fixture is wrong for LEDs because they generate too much heat. Such bulbs often have fins on them to help them radiate away heat. You may need new lighting fixtures for them. High-powered LED lights need to be mounted onto the right sort of material — something that absorbs heat and radiates it away. Commercial lighting experts in Fort Mill, SC can help with this.

Every kind of business has its own lighting requirements. This may include the need for customers to recognize their own cars in a parking lot (which means sodium-vapor lamps and other strong-colored lights are a bad idea) or the need for adequate lighting for security cameras to work — if thieves are a particular problem, this is especially important. Everybody wants enough light, but nobody wants glare, which wastes energy and makes it harder to see. And, of course, every business owner needs to be in compliance with the local building code. If you do not happen to have that code committed to memory, ask your commercial lighting contractors about it.

Electricians help with lighting efficiency in other ways

One of the challenges of commercial lighting is making sure customers and employees have enough light without wasting light and energy in times and places where it is not needed.According to a 2012 study, overuse of lighting is such a common problem that the average business can save 35 percent of their energy use without suffering from inadequate light task tuning (also called institutional tuning or high-end trim) can help the.

This is one reason why it is important to have the lighting of your business installed by commercial lighting contractors who know all about energy efficiency in general and yourparticular lighting needs. Commercial lighting contractors can also give you an estimate on damaged lighting for insurance purposed. And ifyou happen to be repurposing an old building that once hosted a different sort of business — one that requires more light or different light — it may pay to have the lighting system changed.

Commercial lighting services in Fort Mill, SC

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