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Residential lighting contractors recommend LED bulbs to save you money. They recommend replacing as many old light bulbs as possible with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs.They use from a sixth to less than an eighth as much electricity as incandescent bulbs of the same light output.An LED bulb costs three to five dollars each, and the electricity you use to power it costs thirty to fifty dollars over twenty years. It is unlikely that any technological advance that comes along in that time will give you a significantly better deal than this, so you don’t need to worry about losing money on this deal.

Another way to save on lighting is to carefully calculate exactly how much light, and what sort, every room in your Fort Mill, SC home needs. Residential lighting contractors who know about this can let you know where you need bright, clear task lighting for reading, working in the kitchen, shaving or applying makeup, and where a warmer, diffuse glow will do.

Engineers fix drawbacks to LED bulbs

A problem that used to arise with LED bulbs is that the heat they created made them unusable in enclosed light fixtures, because they would overheat the fixtures. If you go shopping for LED bulbs today, check to see if some of them are rated for use inside enclosed light fixtures. You may find some that are.

Another problem they used to have was their color rendering index (CRI). A light’s CRI is its ability to let you see the colors of whatever it happens to be shining on.LED bulbs have a narrower spectrum of light than other bulbs, which can make it harder to distinguish colors by their light. If you aren’t quite sure what this means, think of sodium-vapor lights, and how hard it can be to recognize your own care by their light — they are a more extreme example of the same problem. Now there are bulbs with phosphor to broaden the color spectrum, or with LED elements of different colors. If you can’t find bulbs like this, useLED bulbs of different color temperatures in the same room to reduce this problem.

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