Landscape lighting and design can give you a fresh look

Landscape lighting and designWith spring now definitely here, many of us are trying to get our spring cleaning done before summer begins. If you have family and friends coming over for a pool party, a birthday party, a cookout or just a get-together out on the deck, you are going to want your house to look as good as it possibly can.

Why not give your home a fresh look with new lighting? Changing your lighting design can give your home a whole new look without the expense or inconvenience of major renovations.

Recessed Lighting

If you need more overhead light but have limited space for light fixtures, recessed lighting may be the answer. They can provide general ambient light or focus on a specific area. Adding a dimmer switch gives you control over how much to illuminate the room.


For a room with a higher ceiling, where you have the room for it, a pendant light can provide general illumination over the whole room or task lighting for a specific area where you need to work or read.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great convenience in the kitchen. Cabinets over the counters where you prepare the ingredients before cooking can block your overhead light and make it hard to see what you are doing. Under cabinet lighting takes care of this problem.

Landscape Lighting

If you want to hold outdoor celebrations after dark this summer, you need good landscape lighting. Your pool are and deck should be lit well enough that people can eat and converse comfortably.All paths through the yard should be lit well enough to use.

Once you have accomplished all that, get creative. Put small lights at the best-looking spots. Use broad beams of light to show off the walls of your house.There is no point in trying to turn night into day — concentrate on making the night look good.

Pole Lighting

Pole lighting is a kind of landscape lighting that may benefit your yard if you have a lot of space in your yard and want to give it just the right amount of ambient light.

Landscape lighting and other lighting design services in Fort Mill

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